Bats & Flying Foxes

I have a huge soft spot for Bats & Flying foxes, and my family are all registered carers of them

Please note – All bats on this page are orphaned or injured Bats  being cared for via or the All are  undergoing rehabilitation to enable them to be released in the wild where they belong. They are not pets, and should never be.

If you are interested in purchasing a photo from this page, simply make a donation of $20 (or more) to either of the groups via their page. Please donate to the group that is shown on the watermark on the photo, or if it’s not listed – either group.


Email me confirmation of the donation, and the details of the photo you would like, and I will email you a link where the high resolution version of the photo (with no watermarks) is available to download. This can then be taken to any printer to be printed / framed as you like.

Wild_Bats_0002 Wild_Bats_0001 Wild_Bats_0000  Vince_0004 Vince_0003 
Tess_0010 Tess_0008 Tess_0004 Tess_0002 

Marbles_0009 Marbles_0010 Marbles_0011 Sebastion_0003 Sebastion_0004 Sebastion_0005 Sebastion_0007 Sebastion_0009 Tess_0001 Marbles_0000 Luna_0002 Luna_0000 Fify DSC00313 DSC00282 DSC00237 DSC00157 DSC00130 DSC00106 Ashby10 Ashby_0001 2E3A5943 2E3A5954 2E3A5956

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